Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paint on Canvas (Acrylic)

So I wanted some earthy colors- So- I made my own canvas.

I started with putting down my base colors- I used a wet saturated washcloth to give a blended mix to the colors.
I then added highlights- this was done also with the rag.
I then added accents- I splattered the highlights with a brush (thinning the paint with water to get the consistency I needed).  I let it sit for a few minutes and then pulled with rag to get splashy smooth colors.
I then put on paper petals adhered with 3M spray.  I painted with a strong earth color and let dry (I had to apply two layers to get the consistency I wanted).  Then I peeled of the paper (sometimes had to use a tweezer to get an edge up without peeling paint).
It was great to watch the sun/flower shape come in.
And finally...
I hung this in my bathroom- I get to lay there and follow the lines of the swirl and find patterns within the varying size petals.

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