Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paint on Canvas (Acrylic)

So I wanted some earthy colors- So- I made my own canvas.

I started with putting down my base colors- I used a wet saturated washcloth to give a blended mix to the colors.
I then added highlights- this was done also with the rag.
I then added accents- I splattered the highlights with a brush (thinning the paint with water to get the consistency I needed).  I let it sit for a few minutes and then pulled with rag to get splashy smooth colors.
I then put on paper petals adhered with 3M spray.  I painted with a strong earth color and let dry (I had to apply two layers to get the consistency I wanted).  Then I peeled of the paper (sometimes had to use a tweezer to get an edge up without peeling paint).
It was great to watch the sun/flower shape come in.
And finally...
I hung this in my bathroom- I get to lay there and follow the lines of the swirl and find patterns within the varying size petals.

Staghorn fern

My new favorite fern.

Platycerium (genus)- these plants are epiphytic (which means that they grow off of other plants or material- getting what they need from air and water.  

They like light but don't leave them in direct light that will burn or dry out the substrate you are groing them in.  I have mine mounted on wood in my bathroom on a North-East facing window.  I soak the substrate about every 5 days and mist it when I remember.  It is supper handy to lay it in the bathtub so I don't have to worry about the run off water. 

Air Plants / Tillandsias

So many kinds- I find new ones all the time. 

From Right to Left: Bulbosa (Belize), Xerographica, Ionantha X Brachycaulos hybrid, Pair of
Ionantha Guatemala, Caput Medusae, Pair of Funckiana, Andreana, Tricolor (the one I killed), and a Single Ionantha Guatemala. The top is covered with Spanish moss (this has to be misted every/everyother day).

I bought an air plant and proceeded to start killing it with love.  I sprayed it every day- woops. My poor plant started to rot at it's base from sitting water.
Tillandsias need to be soaked (I do it once a week) in bottled water.  I soak them for 30 min- 1 hour and then shake them dry and leave them crown down for about 4 hours. 

It is really amazing to watch the leaves change from white to bright green as they are absorbing water.  

I keep mine 6-10 feet from a window on a South-West window. 

My favorite is the Xerographica

I also like the Ionantha X Brachycaulos hybridIt has a pretty pink hue to it.

 Tillandias are  bromeliads.

For more information on care: