Sunday, August 30, 2015

2015 Family Vacation

We started our vacation with a visit to DC to see a photo exhibit.  Meandered through looking at some of our favorites and took some time to goof.

Me and my baby.

From there we headed out of town for Wilderness with a little stop by Effie's for some ice cream.


We arrived at our cabin.  The wildlife was up close and personal. 

Next time we are going with Cabin 6. 

And the goofy behavior begins.

Our first wildlife visitor.

She was quiet the beggar.  The neighbors brought nuts so she only visited with us once.

No internet- had to resort to good old fashion fun.

 We had a family of swans- mom, dad, and two babies.  They would come for a visit daily.

The babies where just a little smaller with lighter masks and greyish feathers.

Only had one climb on shore and hiss at me once.  Mike saved me by leading it away.

They walked like their feet were totally foriegn to them.  Stomping feet.

We also had some visitors that were much smaller.

Visiting some of our favorite parts.  Starting with the suspension bridge and some fishing.

Hannah was the power behind our boat.  Lucky for us there were no other boats out for her to run into. 

She rowed for a hot second.

Hannah caught herself a few fish.

Also enjoyed the pool- not a lot of pictures because we were all wet.

Then off to Virginia Beach for some 20th Anniversary reminiscing and beach time.

Emilia's little nest.
Genevieve loved being in the water.  The life gaurd needed to call her in at one point.  She is a fish.

My spunky girl. 

And the wildlife.

I think Mike could have stood there for hours.

Then there were quiet moments.

Morning cuddles.

My baby.

And more...

Got his full wilderness man on.


I can't remember who took this.  Love it.

And then we packed up to go home.  

The girls did a great job loading the car to head home.  I think they were excited to get back to internet access.

It was a wonderful week.  It was a little hard coming home.  Now we are gearing up for the first day of school.  Kids are in bed.  Alarm is set.  Tomorrow is a new and wonderful day.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Alpine newt aka Ichthyosaura alpestris


Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt aka Cynops cyanurus

My group of Cynops cyanurus

Axolotl pictures

I did an overhaul on all the tanks.  Took some pictures along the way.

Group Shots:

Copper and wild boy with albino girl.  Had to seperate them immediatelybecause the boys went nuts.

Boys- Gold, Wild, leucistic, dirty leucistic, melanoid

Girls- Copper, Gold, Two wilds

Two boys
Now for some solo shots:

Gold female axolotl- The Brain

Wild female axolotl (het for copper)- Parker

Melanoid female axoltl- Ash

Gold female axolotl- Butter

Leucistic GFP (dark gill) male axolotl- Pinky

Albino male axoltl- Scipio

Copper male axolotl- Cookie

Albino (GFP) female axolotl- Afra- she has always had stubby gills

Wild (het copper/het gold) male axolotl- Loki

Copper male axolotl- Cookie

Albino male axolotl- Scipio

Leucistic GFP (dark gill) male axolotl- Pinky

Leucistic (dirty) male axolotl- Freckles

Gold female axolotl- Butter

Melanoid female axolotl- Ash

Copper male axolotl- Cookie

Copper male axolotl- Cookie

Copper male axolotl- Cookie

Wild (het copper/het gold) male axolotl- Loki

Albino male axolotl- Scipio

Gold female axolotl- Butter

Leucistic GFP (dark gill) male axolotl- Pinky