Sunday, March 31, 2019

Photo shoot for Rosario the Tarantula

When we got him we thought he would live about 5 years based on our research.  We purchased him in June of 2013 and he was at least a year old- we think he was closer to two years.  He is at least 7 1/2 at this point.  He seems to be going strong.  His carapace has looked so much better the last few years- I have increased the hydration in his bedding.

Photo shoot for the Leopard Gecko boys

Isopod feeding response to bee pollen

I have been reading and learning about isopods.  I have seen a few feeding suggestions.  I am trying out some new foods and monitoring for their feeding response.

Experiment #1: Bee pollen

They had a great feeding response and cleared it out in less than 30 minutes.