Saturday, October 29, 2016

Elliott does not disappoint

Yahoo.  Wipppy.  Yeah.

I  never thought my Leopard geckos would get as big as they have.  After we broke 80 grams, and then 90 grams, I started to get excited for the idea of hitting triple digits.

Charlie, bless his heart, seems to be destined to being in the high 80-mid 90 range.  Poor boy just gets tired of eating and stops.

Elliott has an appetite and is longer than his buddy.  They came from the same breeder but are from different parents.    Elliott plateaued in weight for a few months but has steadily grown past Charlie.  I think Elliott still has some growing to do.

This week, Elliott did it!

Jefferson Memorial and the teen tour...

Went down to DC to visit the Jefferson Monument.  Stopped by the FDR monument because it is one of our favorite monuments to view at night.  Little visit to George Mason.  The kids were ridiculous and wonderful.

Monticello Road Trip

Emilia is currently into history.  She can passionately discuss the founding of America like it is a current event.  We have been going to visit some historical sites and monuments to support her current passion.

We took a nice road trip to Monticello (Jefferson's Home) with the family and her friend Maggie joined in.  Before going to see history we went to a really pleasant resturant and tried some grub that we don't get regularly.  My first time trying shrimp and grits.

Color Run 2016

Hannah and Emilia - the colors from this run were very vibrant.  It was a beautiful day.