Monday, May 28, 2018

Whites Tree Frogs

White's tree frogs have such a astute look about them.

Crested geckos:

Leopard Gecko update

Well, Elliott's periodontal disease is better.  He is a few grams short of his all time weight but he is still coming in over 100gms.  Charlie is a consistent little bundle.  These guys are much easier to maintain as adults.  When they are growing they eat every day with an occasional skip.  As adults they will pass on food for 3-4 days at a time and then eat 4-6 super-worms at a time.


These guys are inspiring to watch.  Nature is amazing.  Lines and legs and the gentlest touch.

Leachianus- how can you beat pink and green!

I love how these little ones sport pink and green. 

I have one that is quiet vocal.  She starts yelling when she sees me cleaning the terrarium next to hers.  She has never been aggressive but she sure likes to vocalize.

Mourning gecko pictures

These little ones are a handful.  The keep making more of themselves.  I didn't want to part with any until I had had them for a quarantine period.  I think we are there and I may offer some up for sale.

Pareodura Vazimba update

These little ones are coming along well.  The male with the missing tail has grown in a full, fat tail.  They are aggressive little eaters.  They will take on a cricket that is on the larger size without hesitation.