Saturday, March 9, 2019

Gargoyle gecko baby update

First three are from 2017.

Rusty bucket - fired down just looks like a granulated mess.

This little one is grey with just a splash of red.

This one almost seems pink at times.  I added a few extra shots since she is my favorite from 2017.

2018 babies.

Coloration on this one reminds me of her/his daddy when he was little.

Few shots of this dark wonder.

This one also reminds me of his/her dad.

This sweetheart is having color coming up and up.

Coming along- another daddy's girl/boy.

This one is a little different.  Looking forward to seeing what happens here.

Blue eyed Halmahera Gecko

I started with a single Halmahera gecko.  I purchased additional and only then noticed the difference.  My other Halmaheras have green eyes.  They also seem a touch smaller.

Hal- the initiator of the Halmahera interest.

Grew this little one from 7 grams.  Now in the 40's.  Few more Years of growing to to.

Guava - Pacman frog growth thread

Nanners- Pacman frog growth thread

I decided to start a thread for each of my Pacman frogs.