Sunday, October 30, 2016

More snap shots of those wonderful Gargoyles

Lucy loves her log

Ricky- Gator boy
Abigail- sweetest face ever award
Abigail cruising on Genevieve
Fleck- unfired
Bleu- with her on again off again neck wadle

A day in the life of a Blue tailed fire belly newts

My worm pile...
Where being fat is considered a sign of success


Boys get that extra splash of beauty

Just a few of the gargoyle geckos

Love the colors on this species.  They surprise me every time I see them.

Flash has these little black runners pop up that make him unique and wonderful

Fleck- the camera never covers the colors that this boy throws off

Some more pictures of Crested Geckos including a baby shot

The babies are coming along.  What that means...  They are eating and pooping.  Not much handling of them when they are this little.

Some of the bigger geckos:

Squish- love his jelly rolls

I know the face is blurry but I just love Brittle's sides and punky personality

Lashes- This boy gets so dark- he is about 1/2 way there in this pic

A day in the life of Gargoyle geckos

Lucy with her little teeth
Archibald has mad colors
Bleu- one of my girls
Fleck- this boy has amazing colors that the camera just doesn't do justice
Lucy- unfired
Lucy- fired
Flash- love his double strip
Flash- from above.  I love him fired and unfired.  

A day in the life of Triturus Marmoratus aka Green marbled newt

A day in the life of Triturus dobrogicus aka Danube crested newt

Color Run- Least organized and weather was just as bad.

This Color Run was really poorly organized.  Date change, time change, and difficulty redeeming tickets.  The weather was wet with on and off rain.  Hannah and Emilia did this one on their own.  Pictures thanks to Hannah's cell phone selfies!

Selfie time
Make the best of the rain and paint yourself in color

Not a spot uncovered on the wee one

Leachianus Leap

I have made the leap into owning Leachianus Geckos.  Introducing my first Leachie- I'd like you to meet Numa Numa.

I left my husband a little stunned when I called to him from the car that I needed help.   I took this little guy out so I could take my "Day I got you" photo and he proceeded to jump out of the car and was heading under the car next to us.  Didn't expect it to be so bold (my mistake).

Day one- October 15th, 2016

1 week 

2 weeks

Jackson Chameleon baby update

The three babies are coming along.  They seem to be gaining substance each week.  Attached are photos from 10/18 and 10/30.

October 18th:

October 30th: