Sunday, December 18, 2016

working on restoring some very old pictures...

  Davyne- circa 1981

Mom in ?

Dad in Le Paz Bolivia 1966.  Gold mining.



Diner party- Le Paz Bolivia 1966. Mom is at the top and Dad is at the bottom.



Friday, December 16, 2016

Crested Geckos up close

Took some time to take some pictures without rushing-

Jackson Chameleon update

Baby is ready to shed

Baby is ready for lights out

Wonderful eyes

Climbing with determination

Eyes in the back of their head
 And a picture of Mom and Dad-

Mom basking before lights out.

Dad - hiding in the foliage.

Gargoyle Geckos

Flash- not much lighting for this picture

Fleck- has the most wonderful reds- camera does no justice

Archibald all fired up

Ricky- my gator boy

Ricky- love his stripped little legs

Bleu- my most color free Gargoyle


Fleck- fired down

Flash in all his glory

Lucy- she was underweight when I got her- now she is a small moose

Archibald ready for a shed

Crested Geckos

Chewy- Red harlequin with a few spots

Pookie- harlequin on the verge of a flame

Wiskey- my weak structured Petco find

Google- my Petco buckskin with portholes

Brittle- brindle

Lashes- Flame with amazing lashes

Little Miss Lily- dalmation

baby harlequin

Squish- harlequin

Koosh- harlequin

baby harlequin

Emilia digging the babe

Little Miss Lily- cute little frog butt

Wiskey- sleeping under cover

Phin- 99% pinstripe

Chewy- Red harlequin with spots