Saturday, July 25, 2015

Color Fun 5K on 7/18/15

On Hannah's birthday we did our first night time 5k.  It was loads of fun for the whole family.

Genevievve as we arrive

Hannah is getting our color packets while her sisters strike a pose.

And the race begins

Emilia looking up to her big sister.
Katy at the mercy of her big sister- hydration station.

Glow object replenish station. 

The finish.  Well earned mess.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

updated axolotl pictures

Starting with some wilds

Lighter Wild

Darker Wild

Darker wild with a new black spot on her head

Wild- het for copper/gold

Wild- het for copper/gold

Wild- het for copper/gold

Wild- het for copper/gold
And now for some leucistic, gold albino, and albino.

Dirty leucistic



Gold with a wild (het for copper)

Gold with a wild (het for copper)

And then melanoid.

Dark melanoid

light melanoid

light melanoid

Axolotl movie: Time to eat a worm

Click here to go see an axolotl movie.

Loki eating a worm- 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Alpine newt larvae




Golden boy waiting for new home

Penny- my copper table

Mellow yellow and ________

Mellow Yellow- leucistic axolotl

waiting for a name- leucistic


Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt aka Cynops cyanurus

Japanese Fire Belly Newt

4th of July

Copper and Het copper/gold axolotls

Copper Axolotl

Heterozygous for copper and gold genes