Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Owls for a friend

These are owls that I made for a frind for Christmas.  Her whole family loves owls and I made one for each of her siblings.

Mounted Caribou head for my daughter

My daughter is into bones and taxidermy.  For Christmas I gave her a mini mounted head that she loved. Here is what I did.

She is going to hang it with her other mounted heads.

Too much fun.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Supply bags my daughter made

With Christmas around the corner, my daughter decided she wanted to make her friends presents instead of buying ready made.  

We got the sewing machine out and in just a couple hours came up with dimensions and plan.  She chose to have an outer and inner color for two of the bags and did same on same for the third. 

Here are her finished products.

She bought the fasteners in lieu of velcro.  I think it was a smashing idea.

Great creative and problem solving activity.

Done in a day chunky scarf

Chunky scarf- done in just a few hours.

I have wanted to work with a huge hook since I saw my favorite crochet guide, Mikey, post a tutorial on Tunisian crochet with a massive hook.  See link below.

I shopped for a hook on line and found they were expensive ($30 dollars).  Then last week while Christmas shopping in Hobby Lobby, my husband made a joke about- "what would you hook with that".   It is a 25.00 MM hook for $10.  I was so happy, he bought me an early Christmas present.

I also got 4 skiens of yarn.  I doubled the yarn and found that with just 4 skiens of yarn and a little over two hours I had made a 7 foot scarf.  

I toyed with single crochet and double but found that half double crochet was the look I liked.

I hope you enjoy.  I hope you give it a try.