Friday, February 20, 2015

Pictures with quotes- Spanish Ribbed Newt

Pictures with quotes- Axolotl

Genevieve and her ball python

My daughter got a Bumble Bee Ball Python for her 14th birthday.  It is a full grown male that has produced really pretty babies.  Sadly we have him for a pet and he will not get the opportunity to boogie any more.

Danube crested from when they were young

Danube Crested Newts.  My smallest newts.  Very cute to watch them as a colony.
They seem very happy in their little group.

Once they are mature- the males will develop a crest during breeding season.

Betta fish

Dumbo Betta.

Spanish Ribbed Newts

Spanish Ribbed Newts.  They are like water puppies.  Goofy and friendly.
Leucistic SRN- named Daisy.

Wild SRN- named Ruth.