Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pareodura Vazimba

I picked up a trio of these in mid February.  They are a small Madagascar gecko.  hey are timid but ferocious little eaters.  They tend to stay in the leaves and on the lower branches.I am loving watching their little tails fatten up.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Adventures in Hair

My baby girl wanted to give party colors a go of it.  We started with half pink/half blue and then about 8 weeks later (her hair was looking pretty faded) we retouched and added some purple to the mix.  I prefer the purple mix as it broke up her part.  

And so the process begins.

Bleach to get ready.

On goes the pink.

Here comes the pink.

Color is in and curling begins.

Style achieved.

Happy girl.

A little styling fun.

Default buns.

Pretty braids and buns

Serious fade.  Only her hair.  She is still full strength.

A little Overtone at home.

Sometimes you feel blue.

Sometimes you feel awesome.

I love my brave girl.

Mourning Gecko Madness

Mourning gecko update.

I am loving these ladies with their delicate features and fast as fury speed.  I am thinking about how to streamline their care.  May need to invest in another misting system and would love to get all matching lighting.  They would look amazing.  Always planning for the next best thing with their set ups.  I feel like we are still in the honeymoon phase- getting to know each other.

Keep on feeling the need to give them more space.  I think I may need to add a 5th terrarium and keep the three smaller just for hatchlings.


The do like to hang out on the heating pad from time to time.

Sun fun and ready to shed.

Easy to imagine how you may not see them in the wild.

Hanging about.

Basking and getting ready to shed.

Digging the rays.




Reduced pattern

Little Mama enjoying basking in the light.

From the hatchling terrarium.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Leachianus update

The leachianus are coming along.  Nudal, pine island mix, is now 130+grams.  Nico, Moro, has been stuck around 60 grams.  Numa, Nu ana x Nu ami is also stuck right around 60 grams.  Nugget is new this fall and is up to 18 grams.

Here they are in their glory.

Nudal in all her glory.  She is quiet the handful.






Lepodactulus legubrius aka Mourning Geckos

So I became interested in Mourning geckos because of the fact that that they are parthogenic (self cloning)

I purchased three to see how I liked them and found that they are adorable.  They click and chirp.  The sound is quiet but distinct.

Fast forward- I joined a Mourning gecko group to learn more information.  Shortly after joining I saw a post for a woman who wanted to sell her collection.

Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity.  I ended up with over 50 geckos ( around 30 adults, 12 juveniles, and 20+ hatchlings.  Gads of eggs- we will see what hatches)

Here is a photo recording of what I brought home and the clean up:

Fresh from unpacking the car.  This ended up being way more than I had anticipated.  The more I opened boxes the better it got.  I received so many supplies that I hadn't expected.

There were two terrariums with 6 adults each.  They were a bit messy and required a full cleaning.  All glass was scrubbed and plants had a toothbrush scrubbing.  In a later picture you will see how many eggs were removed and placed in a bowl. 

And the cleaning begins.

There were batches of eggs.  I left these batches but the loose eggs in the substrate were removed.

We sorted the deli cups - eggs to the right, hatchlings, juveniles and the last two rows on the right held adults.

Loose eggs from the substrate.

A hatchling in a hatching cup.

Final result- three terrariums with adults.  Two small terrariums and a nano with juveniles.  About 10 deli cups with hatchlings and a egg terrarium.  I am excited to see an egg hatch.

Photos of the all lady crew.