Sunday, January 31, 2016

Green Marbled Newt aka Triturus marmoratus

Leopard Gecko picture update

My boys are getting big.  Along with them growing- so are their enclosures.  They do seem happier with more space. I made caves for them for their smaller enclosures.  I will be remaking a cave system for their new enclosures.

This was when I got them.

55 gram Tangerine

65 grams- Eclipse- Look into my eyes.

I love their fatty tails.

Gargoyle Gecko pictures

I don't have a male large enough to breed this year.  I am keeping an eye out but don't hold out much hope.  Gargoyle geckos are not a quick hobby- more like committing to a very slow marathon.

I have a few different patterns.  Most are young ones.  Gargoyles can be very expensive- the best way to get a beauty is to buy young and wait a year or two.  It is great to watch them develop- their color gets better with every shed.

Abigail- my big girl.  She ranges from light grey to dark grey with red

Fired down

Fired up

Pictures of the sub-adults.

Striped fat boy- Archibald

Archibald- my pretty boy.

Bleu- my reticulated patterened

Love the pattern
Flash- fired down

Flash- fired up
Fleck- my only blotched baby