Friday, March 15, 2013

My story of Pi

My story of Pi-

It began innocently enough in IHOP.

So, Monday night, hubby is at a work related thingy and I take the girls out for a night on the town.  IHOP is the elected dining establishment by the kiddos and I don't care enough to argue.  Normal antics ensue and we are left playing hangman on the back of the paper place settings.
When our family plays hangman we pick a subject of inspiration.  As the game begins the question of subject is immediately declared by my 9 year old with a loud and resounding response of "Pie".  This makes us all laugh and the game begins.

As the turns circle the table with the usual Rhubarb and mince meat, my twelve year old is given her turn.  She sketches out     _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _     _ _ _ _.  Her pie is Pi, three point one four.

Tuesday night rolls around and we are eating dinner and I share with hubby what a witty daughter he has.  His response it to share a lame Pi joke.  It goes something like this: Pi and 4 are in court arguing their point to the judge.  Everyone is frustrated and 4 turns to the judge and says " but judge he is relentless, he just goes on and on and on..."  My daughter found this quiet funny.

Quiet Pi Wednesday.  My coworkers had to deal with hearing the wicked bad Pi joke.

Thursday is Pi day- 3.14...  I am in my car driving to work at six am when I hear the radio discussing Pi day.  A must for my husband and daughter to know.  I pull up my in-car contact list and go to "H" for Hubby.  I see "Home" and think- I don't want to call the house and wake everybody.  I switch to "M" for Michael.  I am tired, did I mention that...  I go to "M" and on total auto pilot click "Mom and Dad".  Big Whoops.  I hear a groggy old man answer the phone, my Dad, in Colorado.  I immediately apologize and hang up.  I then pray he is so tired he will not remember that I called him at 4 am.

Pi day ends with a call from my Dad.  He did not forget.

I love it when life deals you a string of connectible events- from a 9 year old in an IHOP in Virginia to a 75 year old man in bed in Colorado.

Love you Dad- won't happen again...

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