Sunday, September 25, 2016

Leopard gecko update

My boys are all grown up.  They are the most consistent geckos.  They are fun to interact with.  I love to watch them hunt.  Their colors are so impressive.  They may not be an amazing "morph" but they are exactly what I wanted.

Elliott is now at 88 grams:

Charlie is now at 87 grams.

Chameleon adults

I went for a veiled chameleon and instead left with a pair of Jackson Chameleons.  George, the boy, has three horns.  Martha, the girl, is horn free.

Jackson Chameleon babies

Well, George and Martha decided to take me on an adventure.  I don't know that George really had anything to do with it, atually.  Martha, on the other hand, delivered three babies for me on September 4th.

Day one:
Day one- still in momma's cage.  Getting ready to move to the nursery.

Day ten:

This one attached itself to the lid.  Snapped a picture when I was putting it back on the leaves.

Measures from knuckle to knuckle.

Day twentyone:

Past the knuckle.  Babies are getting thick.  Seeing some horns on this one.
  These little ones are plowing through the fruit flies.  Started 4 new cultures.