Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Axolotls part 2 of 2

2014  Starting from egg and developing.

Here are some pictures of the babies.  They have entered the tween phase.  I have rehomed all but one- I like to call it Buddy.

and then there was one.
I had to keep (Bifercated) Buddy because of his two bifercated gills.  It adds character.

Updated picture of Buddy-

Updated Buddy Picture

Axolotls part 1 of 2

My time has been absorbed with Axolotls.  Everyone I know must be tired of me talking about my babies.  I am adding pics to my blog for those of you who have been asking for some pics.  This post will include some juveniles, sub adults and adults that I have.  My next post will be a picture diary of the eggs I have been raising  since February.
Juvie gold

Daddy gold

Juvie GFP (green phosphorescent protein) leucistic

sub adult albino

GFP leucistic from above

Willy the Wild type

Melanistic- much bigger now- hard to get a pic from the big tank

Willy when he was little

Another Willy pic