Sunday, January 22, 2017

Leachianus pictures

I love my  geckos and decided to take the plunge into larger geckos.  When purchasing a leachie you must keep in mind that they are expensive- that's it- even a pet- they are expensive.  If you want to pay less you buy a baby.  A baby is going to take years to get to the size of an adult.  Definitely a long term plan.

20 grams- only 200+ to go...

Jackson Chameleons- Martha is quiet Zen

I love taking pictures of these guys.   The only problem is that they don't appreciate it much.  It takes some effort to get close enough to take the picture you want without scaring them out of doing exactly what you want to get a picture of.

I have had these guys since summer of 2016 and find that I learn more every day.  I read about chameleons prior to purchasing.  I purchased a screen cage and lighting per store recommendations.  I have since repurchased EVERYTHING.  The "breeder" that I purchased them from sold me the lighting system- that was also incorrect.

I have hitchhiked on many sites that are chameleon focused and discovered that most of what I knew was incorrect.  I find that the more I look the more I find information that is not on the "Care Sheets" that I started with.

I do regret letting the breeder talk me out of purchasing a Veiled chameleon- I realize now that he just wanted to get his Jackson chameleons sold.  I now wonder if they were CB even.

Well,  I appreciate the experience to learn- I never could have afforded this hobby as a youth.

Very Zen...  Actually she is cricket hunting.

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