Saturday, February 4, 2017

Crested Gecko Update

I love raising these guys.  I love the growth and changes to their mature colors and structure.  Every gecko is it's own surprise.  

Pookie- one of my pretty girls
Chewy- came from the same breeder as Pookie.  She has great color.

Next are my two pet store geckos.  I just felt so bad for them.  

Google- turned out to be a pretty boy.
Whisky- my gecko with the worst structure- she has a very small head
Brittle- my very yellow boy
Lashes- this boy fires up DARK.  Love his light lashes on his dark base.
Lashes- so cute when they are still growing.

Little Miss Lily- I won her in a Facebook contest.  She is super mellow.  She has such long lashes that she sometime looks sinister. 

Sinister look!
Creamy with spots