Friday, November 25, 2016

A day at Great Falls

A day out hiking.

Update on the Jackson Chameleons.

I am not as confident with my chameleons as I am with my newts and geckos.  I know that it takes time to learn and get comfortable.  I am coming along-

Thanksgiving day

Some pictures from Thanksgiving over at my sisters house.  It was hard getting any real pictures.  The room is filled with too many comedians.  Here's the best of the bunch.

A little dab will do you...

Photo dab bomb.

All grown up.

Illuminati confirmed.

Justin causing a ruckus.

The best one without someone putting their hand in someone else's face...


My sister and her best girl.

"I am thankful for my phone..."

What a girl.

Great picture of Grandma and her oldest grandchild.

The man of the house.

Genevieve looking smirky.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trip to the Beach

Genevieve decided that we needed a change in scenery.  She announced on Thursday night that it would be great to "get away".

After getting her feel for what "a get away" included- we planned a night on the beach with a stop at our campground in Fredricksburg on the way back.

Here is a pictorial demonstration of our trip.

Emilia made it out of bed before I could snap a picture
Road Trip:

Arrived at the Hilton Oceanfront.  17th floor- amazing view.

Dinner at Captain Georges
 Pool time in the Penthouse.  The hot tub was amazing.

Catching the sunrise with the family.

Enjoying some quiet time on the balcony.

A stop by Wilderness.  Sonic picnic and a little hiking.