Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oh, those wonderful crested geckos

Each one of my geckos holds a spot in my heart.  I could never breed them in a large way because I would never want to send them off to new homes.  I especially love the ones that I got at 1-5 grams.  I love watching their color changes as they grow- they just get better and better.  I also like that they are super chill since they get handled from the beginning.

One of my smallest babies is Phin at 1 gram and already a frog butt-  on 2/20/16 and now Phin is 19 grams.

Lashes is a baby picked up from the expo the same day as Phin.  I love Lashes color-

17 grams

Little Miss Lily was won in an auction on 3/19/16 and is now 37 grams.  She is another that I have after she was already a frog butt.

This is Little Miss Lily taking a nap.

Sisters- I didn't get my scale until December- the came in at 5 grams.  They have fluctuated in who is the bigger one but are now firmly separate.  Pookie is now firmly in the lead.  

I had always favored Chewy with her wonderful orange but Pookie has developed into something wonderful.



Google is one of only two geckos that I picked up from a pet store.  I drove my husband to a night out at a pub with his buddies.  While waiting I went window shopping in a pet store. When it was time to pick up the man I made it back to the pub.  On the way home I got lost - anyone that knows me knows that I am geographically challenged.  Long story short, much joking with my husband- we left it up to google to get us home.  We were not in agreement that google was needed.  I was pretty sure I recognized our route and the pet stop was up ahead.  Made a bet and ended up coming home with Google (after our getting loss) and Whiskey (my husbands favorite drink).  They are not technically "pretty" and do not have "structure" but they are beautiful to me and deserved a little TLC.  They are sweet and I don't regret it.

Whisky is my only frog butt that happened while in my care.  I have no idea why- all my geckos are kept solo.  One day it was there and the next it was gone.
Google --58 grams

Google looking serious
Whisky 42 grams

Martha and George

I always worry when the chameleons turn away food.  Then I take them out and see their wonderful bellies.

Martha- the proud Mama


Crested Gecko babies!

I am happy to announce that I have some baby crested geckos.  I haven't given them names yet- I am still thinking on that one.  I tend to like names that are sensory related.  Mike is coming to terms with the fact that I am going to be an old lady with a gecko hoard.

I can't imagine ever letting these babies go- I would worry about how they would be treated.