Friday, December 16, 2016

Crested Geckos up close

Took some time to take some pictures without rushing-

Jackson Chameleon update

Baby is ready to shed

Baby is ready for lights out

Wonderful eyes

Climbing with determination

Eyes in the back of their head
 And a picture of Mom and Dad-

Mom basking before lights out.

Dad - hiding in the foliage.

Gargoyle Geckos

Flash- not much lighting for this picture

Fleck- has the most wonderful reds- camera does no justice

Archibald all fired up

Ricky- my gator boy

Ricky- love his stripped little legs

Bleu- my most color free Gargoyle


Fleck- fired down

Flash in all his glory

Lucy- she was underweight when I got her- now she is a small moose

Archibald ready for a shed

Crested Geckos

Chewy- Red harlequin with a few spots

Pookie- harlequin on the verge of a flame

Wiskey- my weak structured Petco find

Google- my Petco buckskin with portholes

Brittle- brindle

Lashes- Flame with amazing lashes

Little Miss Lily- dalmation

baby harlequin

Squish- harlequin

Koosh- harlequin

baby harlequin

Emilia digging the babe

Little Miss Lily- cute little frog butt

Wiskey- sleeping under cover

Phin- 99% pinstripe

Chewy- Red harlequin with spots

Leachianus update pictures

The babies are slow growing.  They are relaxing to being handled on feeding and cleaning day.

Nuri- pure Moro- possibly male

Nudal- Island mix

Numa- Nu ami x Nu ana mix