Friday, June 10, 2016

Leopard gecko boys.

I have two leopard geckos.  Elliott and Charlie.  I love these guys and find that as they age they change a little.  Heads broader, spots developing, lightening of Elliotts "blaze".  They are such trusting animals.  I have had them since they were in their teens in grams.  They are so calm and trusting.  They come out when they hear me in their room to "check me out".

I made the mistake once of having them on the same bed.  I saw all these pictures of people having their geckos out together.  I thought 3 feet would be enough space.  Wronge...  Elliott moved so fast- ran across the bed and bit Charlie on the tail.  Never again.  I would have been crushed if Charlie lost his tail- he has a little scar.

Don't take them out together- it happens so fast.  As in all things- safety first.

Charlie always reminds me of a dragon.  It is his eyes.

My boy likes to explore.

I love how they taste everything.  They are so gentle.

Elliott- my man.
I think he could smell Charlie on my hand- had to put him up until I can wash Charlie's scent off.

Is that Charlie I taste?

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