Saturday, May 9, 2015

Earth Boxes with Genevieve

Genevieve has decided to have a garden this year.  She did some investigating and decided she wanted to use earth boxes.  She found a YouTube video on how to make them for $20 dollars a piece.  Here is what we did.

We started with Roughneck containers.  We used small and large containers.

Drilled half inch holes into the lids about an inch apart.  Then we cut the lids out of their frames.

Cut a 6inch PVC about 6 inches long (this is a twelve inch length- that we cut in half.  Then drilled 1/2 inch holes as close as we could.

Two and a half inch pipes to support the lid inside the Tupperware.  The PVC is 2 inch diameter.

We measured for the soil well and the watering spout.

Perfect fit.

We filled with dirt and Genevieve started planting.  Please remember to put in drainage holes.  See the video.

Love that she is participating in this from beginning to end.  Really glad that when she was drilling the 6 inch PVC and caught her jeans (twice) that she persevered.
And now we wait to see them grow.
TheYouTube link uses only the larger containers but we did some smaller ones for the herbs and lettuce.

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