Sunday, August 12, 2018

Halmahera geckos

Halmahera geckos are hard to come by.  Most on the market are wild caught and get sick and die rather quickly.  They don't acclimate well.  I have captive bred (CB), wild caught (WC) On the verge of- and long term wild caught in captivity- long term captive (LTC).

I purchased my first Halmahera gecko from an expo.  WC and dead in days.  I learned a hard lesson super fast.

My next was purchased as LTC.  He is huge.  He is glorious.  He made me fall in love with the species.

I went on to purchase to CB babies that are coming along great and look to be a male and female.

I do keep my eye out for Halmahera geckos on the market and found a pair that were LTC.  The previous owners said that they had had them for a year. They were crazy wild when I first got them back in April, 2018.  Over the past 4 months they have settled down a bit.

The key with these geckos is- Never grab at them.

LTC male 

LTC male- love his color changes

LTC male- The boy who started it all

Love their little feet.


One of my CB babies.  Born July, 2017

One of my CB babes.  Born July, 2017

The CB babies are very mellow

Sweet baby

Hal- LTC that started it all.

LTC female


LTC male- WC tend to have more injuries.  Dropped tails that have regrown.  This boy has had a rough trip.

Oh, Hal.

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