Sunday, March 5, 2017

Baby Alexander

I never planned to have Chameleon babies.  I separated the pair as soon as I got them.  A short few months after getting them- babies!  Turns out she was pregnant before I ever got her.  She had three and I lost two after the first cage transfer.  Little Alexander has been coming along strong.  I hope I never have to maintain fruit flies again.  Fruit flies aren't bad but require planning so that you always have new cultures coming.  I was so happy when he switched to crickets.  He doesn't get stressed out when I want to hold him.  The more I experience a captive bred animal the more I think that his parents where wild caught.  I made the assumption that since I bought the parents from a breeder that they were produced by him.  Don't make an assumption when purchasing. I would enjoy George and Martha a lot more if they didn't act like I was a giant intruder. 

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