Sunday, February 14, 2016

New pair of Gargoyle geckos- I think I am going with Lucy and Ricky.

I picked up a pair of Gargoyle geckos.  I hope that in the spirit of Valentines day they will be a very loving pair.  I was able to take an adventurous drive to pick them up.  I then picked up a terrarium (off of Craigslist) and learned/self taught myself on how to replace the screen.  I love the fact that I learn so many unplanned things while taking care of my hobby.

New Girl- She has an odd shape- I am going to give time to settle down. 

New Boy- fired down.

New Set up - I know it needs more green toward the bottom.  I am thinking of moving the ledge down so I can drop the green down, too.

Boy and girl introduced to their new setup.

She went straight to the most box.

First morning- she is stretching out and relaxing.  Weight is 45 grams.

The boy is showing off some of his color.  Love his stripes.  He weighs in at 34 grams.

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