Saturday, February 21, 2015

Axolotl eggs: albino vs nonalbino

It is always exciting to see what kind of axolotl is developing.  I find that at first you can only ID if they will be albino or non-albino.  They change so much in the first week or two that I don't get too wound up trying to figure out wild vs leucistic, wild vs melanoid, or albino vs gold albino.  I do think it is great that you get the type of axolotl in stages.  I know know that I will get some albino (albino or gold albino) and some non-albino (leucistic, melanoid, or wild).  The parents are a melanoid female and leucistic (not sure out of two).


Freckles- Maybe Daddy 1

Bifercated Buddy- Maybe Daddy 2

Non-albino: check out those peepers

Albino: check out the lack of peepers

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