Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Done in a day chunky scarf

Chunky scarf- done in just a few hours.

I have wanted to work with a huge hook since I saw my favorite crochet guide, Mikey, post a tutorial on Tunisian crochet with a massive hook.  See link below.

I shopped for a hook on line and found they were expensive ($30 dollars).  Then last week while Christmas shopping in Hobby Lobby, my husband made a joke about- "what would you hook with that".   It is a 25.00 MM hook for $10.  I was so happy, he bought me an early Christmas present.

I also got 4 skiens of yarn.  I doubled the yarn and found that with just 4 skiens of yarn and a little over two hours I had made a 7 foot scarf.  

I toyed with single crochet and double but found that half double crochet was the look I liked.

I hope you enjoy.  I hope you give it a try. 

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